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Cool Capp was founded by Amber Lowery in the year 2001. It all began with a love she had for the coffee house, a place where people would come together, kick back, and connect with a refreshing cup of coffee or a blended drink. The name Cool Capp reflects the cool, hip vibe of a coffee house that Amber loves, and an abbreviation of Cappuccino, one of the signature drinks she served.

Amber Lowery began her career as a barista in a coffee house; she later managed and operated several stores. As her knowledge of the beverage industry expanded, she began to experiment and create fun recipes for all her customers to enjoy. Some of her favorite recipes were the creations of blended iced coffees. Amber had a vision of bringing these smoothie/iced coffee creations to all coffee houses, donut shops, and cafes to enjoy. This was the start of Cool Capp.

What once was a dream is now a reality; Cool Capp’s specialty beverages are enjoyed by thousands everyday in coffee houses throughout the United States and round the world!

Each Cool Capp product is created with two goals:

  • To transport customers to that magical place where they refresh, relax and re-connect with themselves, friends and family.
  • To make it easy for local coffee houses to thrive, selling quality products that customers love.

Amber sees a bright future for local coffee houses and cafes. Social networking allows them to achieve word of mouth advertising the big guys can’t match, and products like Cool Capp enable them to offer customers the flavors and drinks they crave. A foundation built on connection and commitment, and a future focused on innovation and excellence.

Experience Cool Capp for yourself and enjoy the difference.

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