Cool Capps: A sweet, rewarding, indulgent concoction of the finest Arabica coffees, cream and ice. You’ll love the taste, the ease of the preparation and the variety of flavors.
Cool Teaz: Made with real tea leaves! These blended teas are made from the finest green tea, white tea and Matcha. They contain powerful antioxidants that bolster your body and brain.
Chai Capps: Soothing and satisfying – served Hot or Cold. Chai is a natural, creamy blend of the finest teas, faraway spices and sweetened with honey. Four blissful flavors to enjoy, with hundreds of custom taste sensations you can create.
Cool Creamz: Enjoy a sensational coffee free ice cream shake; perfect for coffee and non-coffee drinkers alike. This creamy, indulgent treat is available in your favorite flavors.
Choc Capps: Made from the finest chocolates, our Hot Chocolate is a rich and creamy way to warm the body and the soul. Enjoy this wonderful treat anytime!